About Us

Out of Time Pictures

Founded in 2017, Out of Time Pictures is a committed group of professionals who have an intense enthusiasm and devotion to film, and a desire to work together to tell stories of significance. We feel the reward of telling a memorable story is evident in the conversations that follow, once the screen fades to black. We aspire to produce films that are a form of imagery art, not merely a source of entertainment, but to provoke self-reflection, and have long-lasting effects on those who experience them.

Rob Levinson

Director’s Reel (2022)

Rob Levinson is a writer, director, and producer known for his films Where Were You (2019)*, A World of Hurt (2020)*, and Therapy (2021). Additionally, Levinson is known for his proof-of-concepts for Indescribable Urgencies (2021) and Amityville: The People of New York vs Ronald J DeFeo Jr (2022). Levinson has also penned the feature-length screenplays Indescribable Urgencies (2020) and An Unspoken Truth (2012)

In 2017, Levinson formed the production company Out of Time Pictures, Inc.

*Mystic Film Festival Audience Choice Award (Where Were You)

*Shawna Shea Film Festival (A World of Hurt)

Carl Paradise


Carl Paradise is a producer and composer, known for Amityville: The People of New York vs Ronald J DeFeo Jr (2022), A World of Hurt (2020)  Where Were You (2019), and Red Carpet Report (2009). Paradise is the co-founder of Charming Dolphins, which is a music entertainment and production company based in beautiful San Diego, California. Founded in 2022, we create original songs and event experiences. Charming Dolphins is committed to providing fans and musicians alike with optimal music experiences. We work with artists to increase their visibility and appeal while providing fans with the tools to find artists and music events according to their preferences. Paradise co-wrote and produced the song “El Camino” which appears in the Amityville: The People of New York vs Ronald J DeFeo Jr.

Nick Gordon


Since 2003, Attorney Gordon has been practicing law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. From Villanova School of Law to the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office to building an exceptional private practice, his journey has been marked by an unwavering dedication to mastering the law.

More recently, Nick has spent his spare time acting, directing and writing. Nick wrote and directed the short film Molly’s Last Day (2022) for the 48 Hour Boston Film Project. Along with being a co-producer of Amityville: The People of New York vs Ronald J DeFeo Jr, Nick appears in the film where he portrayed real life former Assistant District Attorney Thomas Spota.

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